Monday, 13 March 2017

Pearl Butterfly completed

That's all, now to frame it.
Am I happy with it? Well, mostly.
Will goldwork be something I'll do in future? I think - no. This is not "my kind" of craft. It was interesting to try, but nothing more than that.

27 hours total.

Work done this weekend:

1. Antennae, made from this kind of thread.

2. Thorax from very soft thread (well, you know, soft metal):

 3. Twists around beaded lines. I was bored... Cutting metal thread to 0.5 cm pieces and applying them was not so fun. Mostly because the pattern was not so perfectly spaced as I'd like it to be. This thread is rather easy to damage and it was a challenge to fit it in some much too narrow spaces. Guess I don't like lessons where you don't know what's coming next: just no chances to correct something as you progress (simply because you don't know what and how will be done next).
Finally achieved something that I'll be happy with when this will be framed.

4. Glitter on wings made from the same thread as thorax. Lots of tiny cutting and applying again. What an I say? If you don't like beaded embroidery, probably you won't like this either. It's almost the same, but in addition here you have to cut your "beads" to correct size before applying them.

5. Flower on wings from 6 mm beads and such thread:

The thread is similar to that used for twists around beaded lines. Similar but softer and even more sensitive to over tensioning or other kind of mistakes.


  1. The butterfly looks amazing. I can only imagine the amount of work you put into this.

    1. It was much easier than I thought it to be. You just need a frame to be able to use both your hands and lots of patience :)

  2. Well done! It's beautiful. I've been following your progress with interest. Good to learn something new, even if you decide the craft is not something you'll carry on with.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was good to learn how this was done. At least now at museums I'll have a feeling how complicated was making of all those gowns used by kings, queens, bishops etc. A friend who is interested in history told me they were not allowed to use candles while working (because of risk of fire and damage to item by wax), so this was even more complicated: either work only in daylight (and loose clients because your work takes too long to complete) or risk using candles or something other available at the moment and paying fines.