Sunday, 13 August 2017

Kitty Litter. Finished!

So finally this one is finished, going to start some other "century project". Definetely not a cross-stitch this time.

373 hours total.

Don't know whether I'll frame it. It seems using canvas included in the kit was not the smartest idea - it slants left no matter what I do...

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ninetta by Herbert Niebling

Beginning of something new. "Ninetta" by Herbert Niebling.

At the moment I can't say I love the result. It looks too little lacy. But Niebling designs just can't be too little lacy, so I hope this will change when blocked.

Need  6 of those for complete set. They should be used as placemats for a coffee table (thank's for someone from Facebook group for this term; we call them "doilies" in Lithuania no matter how we intend to use them).

56 rows of 82 total. Should measure ~25 cm when completed.
Thread: OnLine Häkelgarn 20
Needles: Addi 1.75

Monday, 1 May 2017

Merino variegated sweater

After long long break I've started remembering machine knitting. Not much to remember when I've machine knitted so little, but still - some.

- Silver Reed SK 840;
- ONline Linie 97, Starwool Lace color (merino extrafein superwash), 102 color;
- 4 balls of yarn, 50 g / 380 m each;
- tension 7 on knitter needle bed for main knitting (matches 3.5 mm needles in my handknitting tension);
- ribber - 2.1 tension on both knitter and  ribber beds (not perfect, but haven't found better combination yet).

The yarn is very soft and I'll be able to wear it even with my hyper sensitivity to wool. I hoped I'd be able to wash it using my washing machine together with other items. Seems this will not be possible at least for a while - water when washing looked like this:

 Seems no-one is good with fixing red an blue colour nowadays :(

Monday, 13 March 2017

Pearl Butterfly completed

That's all, now to frame it.
Am I happy with it? Well, mostly.
Will goldwork be something I'll do in future? I think - no. This is not "my kind" of craft. It was interesting to try, but nothing more than that.

27 hours total.

Work done this weekend:

1. Antennae, made from this kind of thread.

2. Thorax from very soft thread (well, you know, soft metal):

 3. Twists around beaded lines. I was bored... Cutting metal thread to 0.5 cm pieces and applying them was not so fun. Mostly because the pattern was not so perfectly spaced as I'd like it to be. This thread is rather easy to damage and it was a challenge to fit it in some much too narrow spaces. Guess I don't like lessons where you don't know what's coming next: just no chances to correct something as you progress (simply because you don't know what and how will be done next).
Finally achieved something that I'll be happy with when this will be framed.

4. Glitter on wings made from the same thread as thorax. Lots of tiny cutting and applying again. What an I say? If you don't like beaded embroidery, probably you won't like this either. It's almost the same, but in addition here you have to cut your "beads" to correct size before applying them.

5. Flower on wings from 6 mm beads and such thread:

The thread is similar to that used for twists around beaded lines. Similar but softer and even more sensitive to over tensioning or other kind of mistakes.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pearl Butterfly - lesson 3 completed

This is what I should be doing for next two weeks:

Done in 3.5 hours (total -- 16 hours). Waiting for final instructions which will be posted on March 10th.

What I had to do:

1) Butterfly body. It is made of soft cotton thread (a little bit waxed for better handling. Still hate waxing...)

2) To cover part of wings and body with a thing called "Whipped Plate".

You just take this metal thing, fold it and backstitch it.

3) Apply Swarovski pearl beads to the wings. This was really simple: you string the beads first and then couch them according to pattern.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Pearl Butterfly - lesson 2 completed

Second lesson completed. I'm waiting for the third one, which will be published only on February 24th. Current progress:

I feel working too quickly... This lesson took me 8 hours to complete. Total - 13 hours.

So in next two weeks I had to complete:

1. Draw parts of the wings:

I found out that Schneider Maxx 278 Paint Marker is really good for drawing on felt.

2. Couch inside wing edges:

3. To work inner section of the wings using single strand silk thread. I was happy there's no need to wax it :)

Sunday, 5 February 2017